A NEW gin distillery is set to open in Selkirk early in the new year.

And the two couples behind the venture are celebrating by bottling the town's most famous savoury snack - the Selkirk Bannock.

David and Susan Myatt along with Alan and Jane Walker launched Reiver's Gin last summer.

Borrowing a still at the Strathearn Distillery near Perth they perfected their own first batch of Reiver's Gin during the autumn.

And the five-star response was so encouraging from connoisseurs that they instantly got to work on more.

A fourth batch of Reiver's Gin is currently distilling at Strathearn.

To celebrate their overnight success the two couples have now produced a one-off limited edition batch of gin which tastes of the Selkirk Bannock.

Mr Myatt told the Border Telegraph: "Reiver's Gin all came about over a game of cards.

"We were drinking a few glasses and we all agreed we could probably make a better gin that what we were drinking.

"Strathearn were excellent in allowing us to use the distillery and our first Reiver's Gin was well received.

"Reiver's continues to sell well and we are really excited about our latest gin in time for Christmas.

"Everyone likes gin and everyone likes Selkirk Bannock - it was obvious."

Over the past few months the Myatts and the Walkers have agreed terms to create their own distillery on Philiphaugh Estate.

And they hope to be fully operational early in the new year.

Mr Myatt added: "The success of Reiver's Gin has allowed us to look at creating our own distillery.

"Sir Michael Strang Steel at Philiphaugh has been extremely helpful and we are on course to have everything up and running in the new year."

This week the Walkers and Myatts will be raising their glasses with a pop-up shop in the former Grapevine restaurant on Selkirk High Street to launch the Selkirk Bannock Gin.

Following a sold-out launch party on Friday evening, bottles of both the Selkirk Bannock and the Reiver's will be on sale throughout Saturday and Sunday from the outlet.