PUPILS from a remote primary school in the Yarrow Valley brought Bethlehem to the Borders last week.

Despite Yarrow Primary School having only 14 pupils, the youngsters staged a magical festive production in front of a packed Yarrowfeus Village Hall.

Many of the youngsters took on more than half a dozen roles to make sure the show was a success.

The all-singing, all-dancing Bethlehem was a blast from the opening scene through to the grand finale.

And there wasn't a fluffed line or forgotten entrance throughout the entire show.

Michelle Hoppé, the proud principal teacher at Yarrow Primary, told us: "We produced the large school production of Bethlehem in only five weeks.

"We wanted to highlight our superb school and I feel we've done that.

"There was singing, dancing and drama, all to an extremely high standard."

The pupils, aged from five up to 11, acted out 11 engrossing and highly-entertaining scenes with lots of songs, dance routines and a few jokes.

From the home of Caesar Augustus and the Bethlehem Inn to the Nativity Stable, the young cast were a joy to watch.

And the two packed performances last Tuesday were also treated to interval refreshments supplied by the school.

The standing ovation was certainly deserved.


Ben the Busker - Brodie Allan

Mary - Fiona Medyk

Joseph - Thomas Bell

Caesar - Toby Buchanan

Bread seller - Oliver McClymont

Abel the Shopkeeper - Dylan Stanners

Jacob the Innkeeper - Kieran Faulds

Anna, Jacob's wife - Clemency Cross

Caleb the Innkeeper - Elijah Leaver

Martha, Caleb's wife - Maddy March

Stars - Clemency, Fiona, Sonia, Maddy & Belle

Gabriel - Kieran Faulds

Centurion - Toby Buchanan

Melchior - Braden Collins

Balthasar - Rian Faulds

Caspar - Oliver McClymont

Shepherds - Rian, Thomas & Oliver

Servant to Caesar - Bradan Collins

Julia, Caesar's daughter - Clemency Cross

Guide - Thomas Bell

Residents - Braden & Rian

Dad - Braden Collins

Mum - Clemency Cross

Children - Belle, Sonia & Dylan

Tea-towel seller - Kieran Faulds

Dan - Rian Faulds Gran - Maddy March

Posh man - Braden Collins

Posh Lady - Clemency Cross

Isaac Finkel the Innkeeper - Sonia Mendyk

Visitors - Braden, Elijah, Thomas & Clemency

Cobbler - Oliver mcLymont

Baker - Thomas Bell

Marcel the Chef - Thomas Bell

Chairperson - Brodie Allan

Old Boddy - Thomas Bell

Angels - Clemency, Fiona, Sonia, Maddy & Belle

Soldiers - Brodie, Braden, Rian, Thomas, Kieran, Elijah, Toby & Dylan

Zachary - Oliver McLymont

Street Cleaner - Brodie Allan

Attendants - Thomas & Brodie

Sheep - Elijah & Kieran

Donkey - Belle Hume