LANGLEE Primary has installed a display in the school’s entrance hall to mark the fundraising achievements of its youngsters.

The P7 class of 2016/17 managed to raise almost £500 for charity, while also trying to rack up money for their end of year party and trip.

And the school has made sure the pupils’ efforts will not be forgotten with the new exhibit which showcases their accomplishments.

Class teacher Kirsty Moffat told the Border Telegraph: “The P7 class of 2016/2017 were the last P7 class to be in the old primary school building. 

“To mark the occasion the school, and the class wanted to do something new and special.

“While fundraising for their end of year trip and party the class decided that any extra money would go towards chosen charities. By the end of the year the class had raised an amazing £454.81 more than what they needed through their enterprise project, bake sales and a sponsored walk. 

“The class had their party at Galashiels Rugby Club and went on a class trip to Nenthorn Equestrian Centre. 

“They then voted on which charities they would like the money to go towards. A total of £20 was donated each to: Stable Life; Alpha-1 Awareness UK; and The British Heart Foundation, £40 to Edinburgh Children’s Health Charity formerly known as The Sick Kids Friends Foundation; £50 to Cash for Kids, £60 to the SSPCA, £90 to The Dogs Trust and £154.81 to Cancer Research UK.”

The class’ efforts were also celebrated at a transition event, which was held with Galashiels Academy at the school back in October.

Eight pupils (Cayla McArdle, Amy Gray, Daisy Allison, Elena Onut, Lucas Sneddon, Erin Stephenson, Katie Wilson and Hannah Bradley) gave tips and advice to the P7s.

Miss Moffat added: “Special thanks to Galashiels Academy staff for their help with the event, the representatives from SSPCA and Cancer Research, and to the Langlee Parent Council. Most of all, thank you to the brilliant fundraising work by the Primary 7s.”