COUNCILLORS have approved proposals to create an 'intergenerational campus' in Jedburgh.

At today's meeting of of the Planning and Building Standards Committee, members unanimously accepted a recommendation to give the new school at Hartrigge Park the green light.

The move will see Parkside Primary knocked down and merged with Howdenburn Primary and Jedburgh Grammar, for children aged from two to 18.

But despite giving the go ahead, councillors were concerned over the access to the site during construction.

The plans show that the main entrance to the new school would be via Waterside Road, but elected members asked if there is an alternative route to reduce the volume of traffic on a "narrow" stretch.

Councillor Jim Fullarton (Cons) told the meeting: "I am fully supportive of the plans and think this is great news for the citizens of Jedburgh as this campus will provide education from nursery to grave.

"However it is not an easy site to get to and wanted to ask if there is an alternative way to get access to the site, through the Mainetti Industrial Estate during construction?"

And Galashiels and District Councillor Sandy Aitchison suggested: "Nothing has been said on gaining access from Oxnam Road. Could that not be widened to allow construction traffic to the site?"

But planning office Alan Scott said both those proposals would not be viable.

He added: "The access to the site will have to be through the existing road network.

"The cut from Oxnam Road is for pedestrian access only and I am not sure we could get a main access to the site there.

"I don't think we (Scottish Borders Council) own that land, but it will be open for pedestrians.

"One of the options we are looking at is widening Waterside Road to make it easier for traffic."

But despite their concerns, councillors were happy with the plans overall.
Councillor Eric Small (Cons), said: "I think this whole project is great for the people of Jedburgh, the surrounding area, and for the Borders as a whole."

While councillor Andy Anderson (SNP) added: "I think the only concerns I had when looking at the plans was the access; but you can see a lot of thought has gone into designing this school to ensure it fits into the landscape, and that is to be commended."

The new school is expected to be opened by 2020.