PARENTS in Clovenfords are hoping to add some extra curriculum to the village.

But the volunteers are needing votes to make their dreams become a reality.

The Parent Council at the primary school are bidding for cash to create Clovenfords Digital Ninja Community Programme - an all-ages internet group - as well as a community garden.

And they are hoping to attract enough votes from the public to gain the required cash from Scottish Borders Council's Localities Bid Fund.

The parents have applied for £25,000 to help buy laptops, hardware and furniture as well as pay for tutors.

Jennifer Gordon from the Parent Council told us: "We saw a gap in the market for an afterschool program that wasn't sports related, and somewhere for the community to access good internet and equipment.

"Clovenfords Digital Ninja Community Program is hoping to bridge that gap by offering an afterschool programme for any child in the community that can make it along, as well as offering adults a chance to access courses on internet safety, online banking, website building and the opportunity to access services that they may not have at home.

"This programme will allow children to develop IT skills that can be later transferred into higher education."

A secondary bid for cash has also been made to help set up Julie's Garden.

It is hoped to grow fruit and vegetables in a garden within the school grounds.

Jennifer added: "The garden will be an interactive area for all school classes and early learning, helping the children to learn about healthy food choices and sustainability.

"The produce is to be used to prepare ground to food school lunches.

"The garden will be self sustainable in the future and as low impact environmentally as possible."

It is hoped to secure £4,600 from the Localities Bid Fund for the garden.

The two Clovenfords projects are vying 15 other submissions for the Tweeddale Localities Bid Fund of £30,000.

Anyone aged 16 and over is entitled to vote at