GALASHIELS community radio station TD1 has made a desperate plea for help to continue broadcasting beyond the end of the financial year.

The volunteer-led station, which broadcasts from Galashiels Golf Club on 106.5FM, has faced a tough 2017 after founder and station manager David Henderson walked out.

As well as having a complaint regarding failures to meet content requirements upheld by OFCOM, the station is also facing financial difficulties.

And unless it can access funding over the coming weeks and months it may fold.

On top of its £850 annual licence fee, TD1 has a bill for using the Sky News service of £351, and monthly costs for performing rights, power, insurance and broadband of around £400.

Treasurer Tom Ingoldsby, who also presents a show, has appealed to the Galashiels Common Good Fund for financial help.

He stated: “The past year has proved very difficult for the station with disruption following the abrupt and contentious resignation of the volunteer station manager.”

The TD1 committee which took over has been unable to locate approved accounts for the past two years – preventing them from making any funding applications.

And over the past few months they have kept the station going with the help of public donations and sponsorship packages.

An AGM is planned for April, when the station will be able to draw up approved accounts for 2017/18 and also make an application for charitable status.

But, with only £800 in the bank, it is facing a race against time to stay on the airwaves.

Mr Ingoldsby added: “We are grateful to Galashiels Golf Club who allow us to use their premises free of charge, but without approved accounts fundraising has proved difficult.”

TD1 was founded back in 2008 as an internet-only station.

It was awarded an FM licence in 2013 and, soon after, moved to its current home at Ladhope.

Among its many volunteer presenters are Karen Ingram, George Inglis, Andrew Lang, Shelly McRobbie, Paul Turner, George Emond and Steve Paterson.

The station plans to hold two fundraising events later this month.

Member of Galashiels Common Good Fund are due to meet this week to consider the TD1 appeal for financial help.