CAMPAIGNERS calling for a Selkirk bypass have been buoyed by news that Scotland's Transport Minister is to meet with the A7 Action Group.

Humza Yousef accepted a request from local MSP Rachael Hamilton to discuss the proposals for the trunk road to be redirected away from the town.

Calls for an A7 Selkirk bypass stretch back decades but has never been included in the Scottish Government's infrastructure development plans.

Mrs Hamilton, who is the MSP for Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, told us: "I am grateful to the Transport Minister for accepting my invitation to attend a meeting at an A7 Action Group.

"I am sure Selkirk will be delighted to present their case for a bypass and discuss the project.

"Selkirk needs a bypass and as chair I said I would campaign for its delivery.

"This I hope is the first step in seeing it delivered for Selkirk."

In 2016 Mr Yousaf said he was 'open minded' about a Selkirk bypass after residents in the town voted overwhelmingly in its favour.

Marjorie McCreadie from the A7 Action Group hopes the Minister can be convinced.

She said: "I am delighted that the Transport Minister will meet with the A7 Action Group at a date still to be arranged.

"A bypass for Selkirk has long been a priority of the Action Group and with this meeting the Minister is fulfilling a promise he made to the group at a previous meeting.

"On behalf of the group I welcome this announcement and look forward to a successful outcome."