A 44-year-old man will stand trial by jury at Jedburgh Sheriff Court accused of assaulting a woman on various occasions over a 10 year period to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Alexander Kenmuir of Tower Street, Selkirk, is also charged with sexually assaulting the woman in May 2015 and in the same month assaulting a man by throwing a metal pole at him.

He is charged with repeatedly striking and kicking the woman on the head in various places in Galashiels and in Fairhurst Drive, Hawick, between September 2005 and June 2015.

Kenmuir denies pouring liquid on her, spitting in her face, striking her head against a wall, presenting a knife at her, inserting a syringe into her groin area, punching her on the face and seizing her by the throat.

He pleaded not guilty on indictment to three charges.

Kenmuir is due to stand trial at the jury sitting beginning April 23