FINES of £270 have been imposed on a Hawick man involved in a long-running dispute with neighbours.

Jason Cooper, 46, pleaded guilty at Jedburgh Sheriff Court to shouting and swearing and making offensive and abusive remarks at his home in Burnhead Road, Hawick, on September 2.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening manner and making racially abusive comments on November 11.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser explained that Cooper's wife had been apprehended on September 2 and he took umbrage top this and began shouting and swearing at police officers while intoxicated.

Turning to the events on November 11 Mr Fraser said that Cooper had taken objection to a CCTV camera an elderly neighbour had placed pointing towards his home.

He began shouting and swearing at his neighbour calling him a Geordie b*******  three times and the police were called.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said the dispute was a two-way street" and the neighbour had been trying to wind him up.

He added:"Whenever he reacts the police are called as if on speed dial.  They are as bad as each other."

Cooper was fined £120 for the September 2 offence and £150 for what happened on November 11.