GALA’S growing reputation as a music town was strengthened over the weekend, writes entertainment reporter Aileen Knox.

Not only was Fife troubadour King Creosote entertaining around the corner to a packed MacArts Centre, but Aberdeen’s finest blues outfit Gerry and the Electric Band were taking the roof off Reivers Sports Bar.

The Granite City four-piece, who’ve been together for five years, may not gain the same attention as Kenny Anderson et al, but they still attracted a good-sized following for the High Street venue date.

Reivers has become a hotbed for both local and national talent over the past couple of years.

And it was a knowledgeable and appreciative audience that welcomed Gerry Jablonski and his Electric Band on Friday.

Currently touring across the UK as well as the Czech Republic and Austria, Gerry and the Electric Band are proving that hard work has not only helped develop their sound but also made them one of the best live blues band on the circuit.

Their set is masterful - played with confidence and power – and full of memorable tracks.

Opening with the Stacy Parish (best known for his work with Robert Plant) -produced single Heavy Water, the stage was set for a memorable and magnificent night of blues in the Reivers.

The set never relented with tracks such as Trouble with the Blues packing the dancefloor.

The musicianship was undoubtedly at the higher echelons with mouth-harp player Pete Narojczyk threatening to steal the show several times with his genius on the ‘mouthy’.

But Gerry Jablonski is a mighty fine guitarist and treated the musicians in the enthusiastic audience to a masterclass in both high-octane and melodic playing.

And a special mention must go to drummer Lewis Fraser, who replaced the late Dave Innes last year, as he swapped his sticks for the mic to perform the heartfelt tribute to his predecessor, Anybody.

Gerry and the Electric Band already have four stunning studio albums under their belts and have a packed programme of festivals on the horizon this summer to look forward to.

So, rather than good fortune it's more likely Gala’s growing musical venue reputation that brings such a band at the peak of their powers to the Reivers Bar.

Whatever it is, the ones lucky enough to be there on Friday were certainly treated to a night of brilliant blues.