A GALASHIELS man has been jailed for a total of 16 months at Selkirk Sheriff Court after the thefts of televisions.

Twenty-eight-year-old Daniel Stewart admitted breaking into a flat occupied by George Tunnicliffe in High Street, Galashiels, on December 16 and stealing a television, clothing, CDs and a Games console.

He also pleaded guilty to stealing two televisions valued at a total of £736 by removing them from their boxes on two occasions on August 30 and simply walking out oif the ASDA superstore in Currie Road, Galashiels.

Stewart claimed he had broken into the flat because he claimed Tunnicliffe had stolen £2,000 from Stewart's grandfather when he was dying and wanted to get the money back.

Defence lawyer Ross Dow said Stewart had attempted to administer "street justice" and was  also suffering from a valium addiction at the time.

Stewart, who was described as a prisoner, received 12 months for the flat break-in and another four months on top for the television thefts from ASDA.

The 16-month prison sentence was back-dated to December 22 when he was first remanded in custody.