A MOVING ceremony took place at the weekend to unveil a memorial sculpture for a mother and daughter.

Aileen Harris died in 2005 and her daughter, Alison, passed away last year.

On Saturday Aileen's husband, Gavin, who lives in Peebles, and their son, Stuart, were at Dawyck Botanic Garden to see the artwork unveiled.

The limestone sculpture named Emergence will stand as a lasting memorial to Aileen and Alison.

Gavin, who is a keen photographer, explained: “All the family loved visiting Dawyck.

"Alison worked at the garden reception and shop on Saturdays, so she was very connected to Dawyck.

"I visit the garden twice a week to take photographs, so Dawyck is the most fitting place for Stuart and I to have a memorial to Aileen and Alison.

"Initially Stuart and I had talked about a memorial bench, but then the garden curator, Graham Stewart, suggested a sculpture which is a far better option because it is a visual lasting memorial to Aileen and Alison, and an art installation to be enjoyed by visitors to Dawyck for generations to come’’.

The father-and-son commissioned local sculptor Susheila Jamieson to create the work of art from Kilkenny limestone.

Emergence weighs about 1.5 tons and took over 250 hours to create.

It is the second sculpture created by Susheila to be gifted to Dawyck.

Gentle Presence, a sculpture in Portland limestone commissioned by Susheila’s aunt Margaret, has been admired by visitors since it was installed in spring 2016.

Susheila, who lives in Broughton, said: “Dawyck is an amazing place and such a natural setting for sculptures in limestone.

"I was honoured when I was asked by Gavin to create Emergence in memory of his wife and daughter.

"It is a celebration of their lives too and I worked very closely with Gavin on the choice of limestone, design and finish.

"The dark Kilkenny limestone is very robust with a variety of textures.

"It sits perfectly in the leafy woodland setting at Dawyck.’’

Gavin took photographs during the creation of Emergence to keep Stuart, who lives in London, up to date with progress and the design.

Garden curator Graham Stewart said: “Dawyck Botanic Garden is very pleased to provide a home for Gavin and Stuart’s sculpture, which inspires the idea of new beginnings.

"Such a dynamic garden setting draws so many parallels with the concept of emergence, evolution and transition."