A DOZY thief fell asleep in a house he was stealing items from, Jedburgh Sheriff Court has been told.

Nineteen-year-old Kieran Barron appeared from custody and pleaded guilty to stealing a coat, laptop computer, a quantity of money, vehicle keys and ear-rings from a property in Beechbank, Selkirk, on Saturday.

Fiscal Graham Fraser said the householders returned to find the garage door slightly open and a light on in the living room and it was obvious the house had been rifled.

They discovered Barron lying on the couch asleep and he appeared to be out cold.

There were playing cards scattered all the floor.

When he was woken up a large quantity of coins and a set of van keys fell from his pockets as well as ear-rings he had taken.

A laptop was found outside a window and had been placed there by Barron.

Mr Fraser added that Barron initially claimed he lived at the house but that was obviously not the case.

He said:"The householders were very upset at what happened."

The teenager of Harrison Place, Selkirk, had sentence deferred until June 18 for the production of background reports.