A MAN stabbed a postwoman to death – shortly after saying: "I may as well kill somebody", a court heard.

Nicholas Rogers (27) plunged a knife into the chest of Alexandra Stuart as she sat crying on a couch at a house in Peebles last August.

Rogers was said to have armed himself with a blade having earlier claimed he was a "hardman" and a "bad person".

Jurors heard how a friend of the 22 year-old victim tried to help her, but recalled "the colour fading from her face".

The evidence was today heard at the High Court in Glasgow.

Rogers is on trial where he denies murdering Miss Stuart, known as Alex, at the house in Cuddyside, Peebles on August 6.

However, he admits killing her on the grounds his "ability to determine or control his conduct" was "substantially impaired" due to an "abnormality of mind".

Miss Stuart's friend Rebecca Allen was the first witness to testify.

She recalled travelling down from Glasgow to Peebles last August when the local rugby sevens tournament was on.

The hairdresser and others – including Miss Stuart – later visited a number of bars before ending up at a house party in the town.

Miss Allen said Rogers then also appeared. The witness had not seen him for a number of years.

The court heard he was swigging from a bottle of Edinburgh Gin.

At one point, he was doing impressions of the Sorting Hat character from Harry Potter films.

Miss Allen told jurors she felt "uncomfortable" as Rogers started acting "stranger".

The 27 year-old said: "I did not get good vibes."

It was said Rogers started chatting about his apparent mental health issues.

Miss Allen was later in the living room with Miss Stuart, a sleeping Rogers and another man.

She and Miss Stuart were chatting on the phone to a friend and began laughing.

Rogers woke up, went to the kitchen and returned with a bin bag claiming he was going to clear up.

But, Miss Allen told him she had already tidied.

He then went back to the kitchen – but this time came out clutching a knife with a black bag around the handle.

Miss Allen recalled: "He walked over and I said: "What is going on?'.

"He said: "You are not laughing now, are you?. I told him no one is laughing at you."

The court heard he booted a table and pointed the blade at the trio.

He claimed he was a "evil b******", a "hardman" and a "bad person".

Miss Allen: "I was trying to reason with him, but it was not working. Alex was in total shock.

"She was sitting with her knees up, staring at me crying. He was scraping the knife at Alex's legs, taunting her. It was like a power thing."

Miss Allen felt Rogers was "basically saying that he was in control" and "the situation was in his hands".

Jurors heard he then held the knife "like a dagger" at his shoulder.
He was said to have stated: "I have f***** it now - I may as well kill somebody."

An emotional Miss Allen told the court: "I said there was no need for this. I kept saying that I wanted to get home for my wee girl.

"He said: "There is no point, You will tell on me. I am going to jail anyway."

Miss Allen then remembered Rogers striking her friend Miss Stuart.

Describing the blow, she said: "He just went in a downwards action and stabbed Alex right in the chest.

"I heard it too. I stood up and tried to push him away as he was trying to take it (the knife) back out of her.

"He then grabbed my face and smacked my head against the wall."

Miss Allen said Rogers then stopped and walked out the door.

She went on: "I had to go over and check she (Miss Stuart) was OK. I could see the colour fading from her face.

"She did not make a noise for about three minutes. I tried to keep her awake. There is nothing that I could have done."

The court heard police and paramedics soon arrived.

Miss Stuart died that day in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

The trial, before Lord Summers, continues.