SCOTTISH Borders Council has admitted that 'up to 50 letters' relating to the electoral roll were sent out in error recently.

The blunder comes after a resident who received a letter contacted us to raise their concerns.

The letter stated that the recipient must be living at the address stated on the letter, and if not responded to, their name would be deleted from the Register of Electors.

A Scottish Borders Council spokesperson said: “Reviews are a statutory process of elector registration and over the last two months almost 2,000 additions/amendments/deletions have been made to the electoral roll.

“Unfortunately a small number of review letters were sent in error and a significant proportion of these have since been resolved.

“Anyone who has received a review letter and believes the opinion of the Electoral Registration Officer to be incorrect is able to challenge this and should contact the Electoral Registration Team in the first instance.”

Have you received a letter regarding the electoral roll in error? Get in touch with us - send an email to the newsdesk at