SCOTTISH Borders Council honoured the success of Melrose Rugby Football Club at a civic reception at The Greenyards recently.

It is tradition that the authority hosts a civic reception if a Borders team wins the premier league or cup and Melrose has won both competitions this year.

Executive member for sport and culture Euan Jardine and David Parker, Council Convener hosted the reception.

The event, held on May 11, began in style as guests watched Melrose Wasps win 45-24 against AS Monaco.

David Parker said: “Melrose have had a tremendous season winning both the league and cup, but this year has also seen many other achievements for the various teams that Melrose operate and many individual honours for Melrose players.

“It was a fitting part of the reception to see Melrose Wasps beat the visitors AS Monaco and to watch the next generation of Melrose players winning at the same time as honouring the current generation of players for their achievements.”

Euan Jardine paid a rousing tribute to Melrose RFC at the reception with a formal toast for all that the club have achieved.

He said: “The achievements of Melrose this year have certainly made club history and it is great to see that a future generation of young rugby players are developing well.

“Many Borders rugby clubs are playing some fantastic rugby just now and it is great to see the strength of Borders rugby continuing to flourish.”

Monaco players were given a tin of Hawick Balls as a memento for the visiting team from the Borders.

Hawick Balls were made famous by the late, great Bill McLaren, the legendary rugby commentator who often gave them as a gift to many all over the rugby world.

Douglas Hardie, president of Melrose RFC said: “I would like to thank the Scottish Borders Council for the civic reception in recognition of the club’s achievements in 2017/18. It has been a significant year for the club with many team and individual honours secured and with the recent announcement that Melrose has been awarded a Super Six Franchise, It is exciting times for everyone at the club and the future of rugby.

“I’d also like to thank the Council for all their support throughout the year, particularly around the Melrose 7s event.

“It was a great night at the Greenyards made all the better for watching the next generation of players who beat our visiting team AS Monaco who have had a very enjoyable time in the Scottish Borders over the past weekend.”