ORGANISERS of a planned communal Men’s Shed in Selkirk have been offered a home at Selkirk High School.

The Shedders initially attempted to acquire the former Social Work offices on Chapel Street.

But bureaucracy and price during prolonged negotiations led to fresh searches.

The new group were offered the former Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue base at the Argus Centre.

But leaders believe an offer of the High School horticultural buildings provides the best option.

David Bethune from the Selkirk Shedders told us: “Selkirk High represents a huge opportunity and has great potential to meet all the extended requirements.

"(This option) offered much more extensive facilities at the Argus Centre - including use of the various horticultural buildings owned by the High School - with a view to establishing some inter-generational activity involving the Shedders and the school."

An idea for creating the Men’s Shed in Selkirk emerged 18 months ago.

As well as now finding a home, the idea has also gained a lot of support and interest within the town.

With the backing of Selkirk Regeneration Company, a questionnaire was issued to gauge views.

And it returned an overwhelming amount of support with 572 local residents responding - 552 in favour, 18 undeclared and only two against.

Mr Bethune added: "The steering group expresses its sincere thanks for the huge amount of work done by Selkirk Regeneration Company to support the initial development of Selkirk Community Shed.

"We would also like to thank the small band of folk who helped with the mailing of the questionnaires and the retail outlets that supported the initiative by handing out questionnaires to their customers."

Men's Sheds are a communal workshop for men of all ages, which started in Australia, and has spread to communities all over the world.

Shedders of all backgrounds can come to pursue hobbies, share interests and learn new skills whilst relaxing and enjoying each other's company.

For the Selkirk Shed to start it has to become an independent organisation in its own right and have willing volunteers and committee members.

Anyone interested can contact Barry Sutton on 01750 21214.