ST BOSWELLS shone yet again last week as villagers of all ages celebrated with a whole range of sports and activities.

And, for the most part, the weather was kind for the successful Village Week.

Throughout the Festival the entire village was decorated with scarecrows.

And the Treasure Hunt challenge, which also ran throughout the Festival, proved popular with dozens of adventurers tracking down clues.

But it was on the sports fields where the hottest competition took place.

As well as tennis and cricket competitions, there was Village Green races, the Wobbly Bridge trail race, and an assault course challenge.

Organisers even put on a Boot Camp to make sure everyone was in shape.

And for the not-so-sporty there were family picnics, a pet show, a day with donkeys, children's entertainers, art sessions and Country Dancing.


Tennis Funday

Junior Winner - Olly Dalgleish

Senior Winner - Michael Millar

Pet Show

Small Dogs: 1st Darcy the Cavapoo (Esme Cameron), 2nd Rhea the Border/Lakeland/Patterdale Cross (Tammi Scott), 3rd Katy the Jack Russell/Mini Poodle Cross (Ben Coulter)

Medium Dogs: 1st Monty the Sprocker Spaniel (Anne Harkness), 2nd Barkeley the Cockapoo (Lyla & Elsa McLean), 3rd Brodie the Cocker Spaniel (Aiden & Becky Graham)

Large Dogs: 1st Cole the Labrador (Jordan Cowan), 2nd Aonach (Hamet & Magnus Barker), 3rd Nahla the Labrador (Carol Oliver)

Other: 1st Nobby the Horse (Fabienne Murray), 2nd Penelope the Donkey (Donkey Sanctuary), 3rd Rebecca the Donkey (Oscar Edgar)

Dog Agility: 1st Bramble the Cocker Spaniel (Jennifer Carter), 2nd Badger the Parson Jack Russell (Rachel McAleese), 3rd Clova (Niamh Dall)

Overall Winner - Cole the Labrador (Jordan Cowan).

Fancy Dress

Pre-School Singles: 1st Brandon – Peter Rabbit Jack in the Box, 2nd Oscar Edgar – Pop up Pirate, 3rd Darcy – Jessie from Toy Story

Primary Singles:1st Quinn Hawthorne – Jack in a Box, 2nd Skye McLellan – Deck of Cards, 3rd Bendy Tweddle - Jenga

Adult/Secondary School Singles: 1st Pooee Pitman – Teddies, 2nd Ruby Pitman – Jack in a Box

Pairs: 1st Hannah & Robbie Cargill – Toy Soldiers, 2nd Sophia & Oliver Millington – Slinky Dog, 3rd Erin Scott & Poppy Gibson – Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle

Groups: 1st Lewis Looker, Finlay Emond, Archie Dalgleish, Sam Norris, Angus Emond, Craig Emond & Geoff Looker– Bosils

Lego Battalion, 2nd Emily, Katie, Iris, Madeline & Arthur – Cluedo, 3rd Chris, Marianne, Esme & Erica – Super Mario Kart

Best Dressed Pet: 1st Scout the Cocker Spaniel – Ken & Barbie’s Hawaiian Surf Dog, 2nd Mac the Labrador– Black Mac the Pirate, 3rd Barkley the Cockapoo – Woody from Toy Story

Overall Winner: Lewis Looker, Finlay Emond, Archie Dalgleish, Sam Norris, Angus Emond, Craig Emond & Geoff Looker – Bosils Lego Battalion

Rock Art

1st Owen Baxter, 2nd Sarah Hope, 3rd Bryony Hawthorne.

Scarecrow Competition

1st This is Us! -St Boswells Nursery, 2nd- Small Scary Scarecrows- Liz Taylor, 3rd- Dall House Divers- Finlay, Anna & Angus Emond.

Village Races

Under 8s

Girls: 1st Sophie Douglas, 2nd Erika Dail, 3rd Quinn Hawthorne.

Boys: 1st Caleb Entwistle, 2nd Charlie Scully, 3rd Junior Dalziel.


Girls: 1st Kirsty Rankine, 2nd Louise Miller, 3rd Carys Dalziel.

Boys: 1st Archie Dalgliesh, 2nd Charlie Dalgliesh, 3rd Thomas Younger.


Girls: 1st Oraia Folan, 2nd Kate McCrae, 3rd Melissa Taylor.

Boys: 1st William Taylor, 2nd Christian Townsend, 3rd Cameron Rankine


Women: 1st Ruth Deane, 2nd Bryony Hawthorne, 3rd Jess Entwistle.

Men: 1st Ryan Mann, 2nd Craig Cargill, 3rd Jamie Entwistle.

Over 40s

Women: 1st Pamela Baillie, 2nd Judith Folan, 3rd Clare Townsend.

Men: 1st Jonathon Taylor, 2nd Fraser Rankine, 3rd Simon Taylor.