AN experimental collective from Galashiels is taking off with songs about the atmosphere, geology, philosophy and even theoretic physics.

The wonderfully weird Electron Mass has the delightful duo of songwriters Sorensen Small and Brendan McAndrew at its core.

And the creative collaboration, who released the critically acclaimed Unrequited Love Songs under the guise of Stone Ghost Collective almost a decade ago, has produced enough attraction for plenty of their talented pals from in and around the town to pull up a stool for this latest project.

Beautiful harmonies and and marvellous melancholy provide enough dark energy to propel Electron Mass's stunning songs of concepts, laws and theories into a new stratosphere.

Joining Sorensen Small and Brendan McAndrew on their introductory EPs - Luminous, Earthlight and Selene - are former Dawn of the Replicants drummer Grant Pringle and The Stark Palace guitarist Cameron Jack.

Sorensen told us: "Electron Mass is really friends with similar backgrounds in experimental rock music.

?"It was formed by us as a conduit for our songs about science, nature and the cosmos.

"Though most of our recordings are built around a core rock group, Electron Mass also features orchestral musicians, as well as players of pitched percussion and other acoustic instruments - these additions allow us to produce dark, dynamic and expansive music."

Before releasing more challenging material, including songs about theoretical physics and the dark universe, Electron Mass are introducing themselves with a trilogy of lighter EPs about the Sun, the Earth and the Moon called Luminous, Earthlight and Selene.

The four-track EPs, Luminous and Earthlight, have both now been released.

And Selene is due to follow later this summer.

To listen to or buy either release go to bandcamp or soundcloud