BOSSES at swimming pool operators Live Borders believe they have factored in closures when it comes to charging for lessons.

Several parents have hit out at regular sessions being cancelled due to pool closures.

Just last Thursday the pool at Teviotdale Leisure Centre in Hawick was forced to close due to a shortage of CO2 for regulating PH levels of the water.

And the following day the Galashiels pool was shut due to a breakdown in the air handling unit for controlling pool temperature, and it has remained closed into this week.

There have also been closures at Selkirk, Kelso and Peebles in recent months due to 'unforeseen' problems.

Parents, who pay more than £20 per month for their children's lessons, are now demanding a better service.

Karen Seaton, whose daughter takes classes at Galashiels, told us: "The pool was closed for two weeks in October when there was glass in the pool, lessons weren’t on in January or March for a few weeks due to the weather, the pool was closed on June 1 due to technical issues and closed this (Friday) morning due to maintenance issues.

"Obviously the glass in the pool and weather are external issues but the company doesn’t apologise or offer refunds.

"I know some of my friends whose little ones have lessons at Hawick and Kelso and they have also had their lessons cancelled too due to pool closures."

Parents currently pay £20.60 per month for a child to have weekly half-hour lessons at Live Borders-operated pools in the region.

But senior staff at the Galashiels charity claim that free weeks are included in the charge.

Area Manager Olly Robertson told us: "Swimming lessons are a vital life skill and we recognise the importance of consistent delivery of this programme.

"Swim Borders runs for 50 weeks of the year with customers actually only paying for 48 lessons - which allows for two weeks’ grace should we have unscheduled closures.

“It is unfortunate when any closure occurs, but all customers affected will be contacted by the Swimming Lesson Coordinator as soon as we’re open to offer alternative lesson slots to replace those cancelled.”

The latest closure at the Galashiels Pool was due to a mechanical breakdown with the air handling unit.

Technicians were on site during Friday morning but were unable to make the required repairs.

The pool remained closed throughout the weekend and Monday.