EARSLTON yet again excelled this year during a fantastic Civic Week.

With over 100 scarecrows helping to set the scene, the village became a hive of activity with many events enjoying record entries and turn-outs.

The opening weekend's pub games, football, ramble and treasure hunt led onto a packed seven days of fun and adventure.

And it all concluded with Saturday's terrific fancy dress parade and sports afternoon on the Rugby Ground.

More than 1,000 turned out for the Torchlit Parade and fireworks during the evening evening.

And almost as many boogied the final night away in the grand marquee.

But there can only be a few winners, despite the magnificent effort from so many... and here they are.

Window Dressing (‘Scarecrow’ theme): Aquarius.

Civic Week Golf (at Lauder): Gents Stuart Vickery, Ladies Elizabeth Bain.

Red Lion Trophy (Darts): 1st Kyle Clarke, 2nd Craig Robertson

Red Lion Trophy (Dominoes): 1st Kyle Clarke, 2nd Grant Murray

Red Lion Trophy (Pool): 1st Tony Campbell, 2nd David Okang.

Car Treasure Hunt: 1st The Denhams, 2nd Earlston Explorers. Boobie The Cuckoo.

5-a-side football (Youth): Daniel’s Dynamos

5-a-side football (Adult): Love Below

Petshow: Overall Winner: Emily Elphick with Lenny the Labrador

Dogs under 1 year: 1st Jamie with Harry the Golden Spaniel, 2nd Charlie with Leo the Staffie

Dogs over 1 year: 1st Emily Elphick with Lenny, 2nd Laura with Shuggie, 3rd Elaine with Woodie, Special Beth with Mungo.

Bitches under 1 year: 1st Brodie with Smidge

Bitches over 1 year: 1st Hazel with Jill, 2nd Andrew with Cloud, 3rd Muff with Poppy.

Cats: 1st Jodie with Oscar

Hamsters: 1st= Abby with Cole, Madison with Rocky & Eva with Chip.

Duck Race: 1st (£50): Shannon Elliot, 2nd (£30): Ivor Aitchison, 3rd (£20): Carol Brownlie: Last home (£10): Janice Robertson.

Milestone White Hill Race: 1st Boy Ewan Christie, 1st Girl Jessica Hendry.

Milestone Black Hill Race: 1st Alistair McDonald, 1st Woman Louise Mitchell, 1st 40+ Leahn Parry, 1st 40+ (woman) Kate Jenkins, 1st Lauderdale Limper Leahn Parry, 1st home from TD4 Neil Christie, 1st Jog-Earlston Man Angus Baxter, 1st Jog-Earlston Woman Jackie Todd, 1st EHS pupil home (Community Shield) David Murray.

Quiz: 1st Holy Moses (Earlston Church - Julie Rennick, Anne Crighton, John Burns, Tom Burnham), 2nd= Wurzel Gummidges and Three As and AJ, 3rd East-enders.

Bowling Tournament: 1st Craig Robertson, Kenny Wilson, Ian Hyslop & Steven Greer, 2nd James Brotherstone, Tam Russell (Jinx), Brian Hunter & Brian Ibessane.

Best floral display: 1st Anne Thomson

Fancy Dress:

Singles under 5 years: 1st Aidan Vermeulen (Werewolf), 2nd Harper Brown (The Wonder Baby), 3rd Finlay Caldock (Leonardo Ninja Turtle).

Singles 5-10 years: 1st Ezio Eneide (Jelly Belly), 2nd Kyla Porchess (Queen of Hearts), 3rd Charlie James Miles (The Angry Coconut).

Singles 11-16 years: 1st Rosie Petty (The Zombie), 2nd Hannah Moray (The Joker).

Adult singles: 1st Graeme Cowe (The Grass-cutting scarecrow), 2nd Tam Russell (HMS Jinx), 3rd Alice McKeeney (Stanin' Stane).

Groups up to 10 years:1st Lexi McGarva, McKenzie & Amelia Hart (Earlston Scarecrows on Tour), 2nd Ercildoune Bairns (Wee Miss and Mr Lads), 3rd Lewis & Brodie Wilson (Sherlock Gnomes).

Groups 11-16 years: 1st Lewis Newton & Kiara O’Neill (Sweet Nerds), 2nd Mackenzie & Madison Elliot (Beauty and the Beast).

Adult Groups:1st Bollywood, 2nd Mickey & Minnie Mouse, 3rd Toy Soldiers.

Adults with children: 1st Earlston Mardi Gras, 2nd The Scared Crows, 3rd Earlston Disney.

Sandy Blair Trophy: Graeme Cowe

Whitefield Cup: Ezio Eneide

Committee Cup: Lewis Newton

Hazel Lyall Trophy: Morag Sterrick

Les Scott Trophy: Gillian McGarva

Joyce Ballantyne Trophy: Douglas Ballantyne

Saturday Sports

Under-5 girls’ race: 1st Bick Richardson, 2nd Lily Cannon, 3rd Lucy Slater

Under-5 boys’ race: 1st Zach McVie, 2nd Zach Elliot, 3rd Brodie Wilson

Girls 6-8 race: 1st Gemma Wilson, 2nd Elizabeth Bain, 3rd Amy-Lee Cessford

Boys 6-8 race: 1st Harvey Richardson, 2nd Sandy Bell, 3rd Henry Sharpe

Girls 9-11 race: 1st Abby Stewart, 2nd Georgia Jo, 3rd Enleigh Whiteside Bell

Boys 9-11 race: 1st Shae O’Neill, 2nd Ewan Piercy, 3rd Cameron Newton

Girls 12-15 race: 1st Laia Reid, 2nd Rohan Bell, 3rd Kiara O’Neill

Boys 12-15 race: 1st Shane, 2nd Seth Jackson

Women’s race: 1st Lauren Rawlings, 2nd Gillian McGarva, 3rd Rebecca Newton

Men’s race: 1st Michael McHeugh, 2nd James Richardson, 3rd Les Bottomley

Under-5 girls’ sack race: 1st Lily Cannon, 2nd Laina McHeugh, 3rd Lucy Slater

Under-5 boys’ sack race: 1st Hunter Horsely, 2nd Craig McHeugh

Girls 6-8 sack race: 1st Amelia Hart, 2nd Amy-Lee Cessford, 3rd Mia Wetherston

Boys 6-8 sack race: 1st Harvey Stewart-Richardson, 2nd Luka Bell, 3rd Charlie Stewart-Richardson

Girls 9-11 sack race: 1st Georgia Jo, 2nd Madison Elliot, 3rd Amy Bouache

Boys 9-11 sack race: 1st Shae O’Neill, 2nd Oscar Stewart, 3rd Cameron Newton

Women’s sack race: 1st Lauren Rawlings, 2nd Gillian McGarva, 3rd Tammy Laidlaw

Men’s sack race: 1st Barry Chisholm, 2nd Michael McHeugh, 3rd Chris Stewart

Under-5 boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Laina McHeugh, 2nd Lucy Slater & Imogen.

6-8 boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Hazel Milligan & Henry Sharpe, 2nd Maisie Baillie & Lizzie Breen, 3rd Connor Slater

9-15 boys & girls wheelbarrow race: 1st Michael & Georgia Slater, 2nd Shae Rawlings & Cameron Newton, 3rd Lexi McGarva & McKenzie Hart

Men & women wheelbarrow race: 1st Lynne & George Milligan, 2nd Chelsea Elliot & Andy Hays, 3rd Hannah Miles & Dec Turnbull

Under-5 Spoon race: 1st Lily Cannon, 2nd Imogen, 3rd Alaina Whitaker

6-8 girls Spoon race: 1st Gemma Wilson, 2nd Amy Cessford, 3rd Mia Wetherston & Kyla Porches

6-8 boys Spoon race (1): 1st N/A, 2nd Joe Holisz, 3rd Charlie James

6-8 boys Spoon race (2): 1st Charlie Stewart-Richardson, 2nd Connor Slater, 3rd Jamie Harkness

9-11 girls Spoon race: 1st Rohan Bell, 2nd N/A, 3rd Georgia Jo

9-11 boys Spoon race: 1st Zach Wheeler, 2nd Stuart Newton, 3rd Jonathan Turner

16 and over Spoon Race: 1st Alanna Elliot, 2nd Hannah Miles, 3rd Shania Miles

Tug o’ War: 1st Marvel, 2nd Dead Weight.