FIRE chiefs are warning drivers not to ignore a one-way diversion around Abbotsford.

Within days of the temporary traffic regulations being introduced this week, Galashiels Fire Station bosses received several reports of vehicles heading the wrong way along the B6360 road near Abbotsford.

As well as the risk of being prosecuted it is feared the law-breaking motorists could cause a crash and also hinder responding emergency vehicles.

A spokesman for Galashiels Fire Station said: "We are hearing lots of reports of drivers ignoring the one way order that’s in force on the B6360 from A7 junction to Abbotsford House.

"It’s an order which means ignoring it could see drivers charged.

"This is also the official diversion for the emergency services - if you don’t want to meet 14 tonnes of fire engine or an ambulance coming the other way don't ignore the signs."

Essential maintenance to the A6091 Galafoot Bridge commenced on Sunday evening.

A one way system was introduced on the bridge for westbound motorists with eastbound traffic using a one-way diversion route along the B6360 onto the A7.

As well as general traffic all emergency services vehicles are instructed to also follow the 10-week traffic order.

The work on Galafoot Bridge will include the replacement of the road and footpath surfacing, waterproofing of the bridge deck, deck repairs and a repair of the expansion joints.

Trunk roads contractors Amey believe the work will prevent future deterioration of the bridge structure.

The temporary one-way diversions are expected to continue until mid October.