A GALASHIELS man who jumped on the bonnet of a car and smashed a window while it travelled down Channel Street in the middle of the afternoon has been fined £225 at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Twenty-seven-year-old Stuart Moffett of Glendinning Terrace, pleaded guilty to a charge of shouting and swearing and kicking and damaging a vehicle on April 11.

Depute fiscal Tessa Bradley said Moffett was walking along Channel Street at around 3.50pm when a vehicle went past in the one-way system driven by someone well known to the courts.

She continued: "The accused approached the vehicle and was shouting and swearing at the owner. He was kicking the door panels of the car.

"He then jumped onto the bonnet and punched one of the windows smashing it."

The fiscal said that the incident was witnessed by other motorists who were alarmed at what was going on and the police were called.

Defence lawyer Stephanie Clinkscale said her client had been crossing the road when the driver saw him and reveed up his engine.

She said Moffett claimed the car had struck him on the leg before he reacted.

Ms Clinkscale added:"It is safe to say they do not like each other."