Help is at hand for Borderers looking for work.

Fair Start Scotland is Scotland’s new devolved employment support service. It is focused on supporting unemployed people who have challenges in accessing the labour market for whom work is a realistic prospect.

Launched in April this year, it is an example of one of the first uses of newly devolved powers under the 2016 Scotland Act. The service will run until 2023 and aims to provide tailored, flexible and person-centred support to at least 38,000 people across Scotland who want help to find work, and stay in work.

Participation is voluntary so won’t affect existing benefits or be driven by fear of benefit sanctions.

The service is based on partnership and joint working between the Scottish Government, and the public, third and private sectors to deliver better outcomes for people seeking employment support.

Delivery is over nine geographic areas and reflect local area economies, meeting the needs of employers, disabled people

and those at risk of long-term unemployment.

To check whether you are eligible, you can contact the service provider in your area at