FOR anyone who hasn't yet caught the magnificent Chastity Brown it could be third time lucky later this month.

No one who was there will ever forget Chastity’s first appearance at the String Jam Club back in January 2015.

In the club's 21 year history, she was the first ever artist to get a standing ovation after her first song.

It was a phenomenal reaction that continued throughout the evening.

Now String Jam promoter Allie Fox is thrilled to be welcoming Chastity back for her third appearance on the County Inn stage.

Allie told us: "This truly phenomenal Tennessee-born Americana-soul singer has been described as a 'rocking, rolling encyclopedia of roots music'.

"She blends the roots of gospel, soul, blues, folk and country, and her songs are raw, gritty intense and poetic.

"Her extraordinary voice will by turns hit you like a steam train and then touch you gently with a delicate feather."

Chastity grew up playing the saxophone and drums in a gospel church before she started to write and sing her own songs.

Now, with five acclaimed albums under her belt, her work has generated nothing short of a storm of attention and rave reviews.

Hailed by the music press, including American Songwriter, The Times, Paste Magazine, The Independent and many others, as well as appearing on 'Later ... With Jools Holland’ her stardom continues to rise with accelerating speed.

Her fifth album ‘Silhouette of Sirens’ has been snapped up by major US label Red House Records and captures the quintessential sound of Chastity Brown: edgy, soulful, and intense.

Allie added: "The most powerful element of Chastity’s music is her solo live performances.

"We can vouch for that first-hand.

"Chastity is an artist who feeds off the energy of the audience, and she gets better and better as that power and intensity builds over the evening.

"Your emotions will accelerate with her and you’ll go with the flow, feeling a deep connection.

"Chastity’s performance will be a restless and electrifying, a night of soul-searching grit and grace, with a voice that can penetrate a brick wall with the intensity of its emotion.

"It doesn’t get much better than this."

Chastity Brown plays the String Jam Club in Selkirk on Saturday, September 22.

Tickets, priced at £15, are available from the County Hotel by phone 01750-705000 or from Eventbrite.

Doors open at 7.30pm.