THERE was a packed programme of events at this year's Yarrow Show, with something on offer for everyone.

Crowds across the Borders flocked to the showground at Carterhaugh for the 98th show on Saturday, as competitors brought their friendly rivalry to the field once again in the horses, cattle, dogs and industrial categories.

This year's show also brought plenty of fun activities for the little ones, with a variety of children's entertainment, face painting and a family dog show.

And providing the tunes to accompany the annual festivities were the Hawick Scout Pipe Band.


1: The Bob Munro Memorial Trophy - Overall Sheep Champion - S McClymont & Son Tinnis

Reserve W N Douglas Whitefield - South Country Cheviot

2: The Tait Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup - South Country Cheviot Championship - J Hume Sundhope

3: John v Lindsay Perpetual Challenge Salver - Opposite Sex to Champion - J F Irving Mountbenger

4: The Leslie Usher Perpetual Challenge Cup - Two Ewe Lambs - W N Douglas Whitefield

5: The Walter Douglas Perpetual Challenge Cup - Female Group - W N Douglas Whitefield

6: The Napier & Ettrick Perpetual Challenge Cup, presented by the Late Master of Napier Male group - J F Irving Mountbenger

7: The John Hume Mitchell Perpetual Challenge Cup - Mixed Group - J F Irving Mountbenger - North Country Cheviot

8: Robert Lauder Memorial Quaich - North Country Cheviot Champion - G Davies & Partners North Synton - Blackfaced Sheep

9: The Tinnis Perpetual Challenge Cup - Blackfaced Sheep Champion - S McClymont & Son Tinnis

10: The Craig Douglas Perpetual Challenge Cup - Opposite Sex to Champion - R S Lambie Ashcraig

11: The Jim Robertson Memorial Trophy - Best Sherling Ram - R S Lambie Ashcraig

12: The James Mitchell Memorial Trophy (Henderland Rose Bowl) - Best Blackfaced Ewe - S McClymont & Son Tinnis

13: The Royal Bank Of Scotland Perpetual Challenge Cup  - Best Two Blackfaced Ewe Lambs - T Renwick & Sons Blackhouse

14: The Glenconner Perpetual Challenge Cup - Female Group - S McClymont & Son Tinnis

15: The Donald Challenge Cup - Male Group - R S Lambie Ashcraig

16: The Usher Perpetual Challenge Trophy (The Usher Ram) - Most Points Group Classes - R A McClymont Kirkstead

17: The A J Borthwick Perpetual Challenge Cup - Most Sucessful Exhibitor in Blackfaced Sheep - T Renwick & Sons Blackhouse - North Country Hill (Open)

18: Laidlawstiel Cup - North Country Cheviot Hill Champion - W N Douglas Whitefield - Park Sheep

19: The Sundhope Cup - Another Breed or X-Breed - Philiphaugh Estate

19a: Bluefaced Leicester Trophy - Best Bluefaced Leister - Philiphaugh Estate - Prime Lambs

20: Angus Oliver Trophy - Best three Prime Lambs - W A Wilson Hutlerburn - YOUNG HANDLER

21: The Sunnycroft Cup - Young Handler - Oliver McClymont Kirkstead - Cattle

22: The Perpetual Challenge Cup - Best Group Cows and Calves (Calves born year of show) - Philiphaugh Estate

23: The Gideon Pringle Trophy - Best Three Suckled Calves Calves born prior 1st Jan year of show - W N Douglas Catslackburn

24: The Royal Bank Of Scotland Perpetual Challenge Trophy - Best Calf (Born year of show) - J F Irving Mountbenger

24a: Forster Cup - Best Calf (Born year before show) - W N Douglas Catslackburn

25: The Merk Sharpe & Dohme Trophy - Champion Calf at Show - J F Irving Mountbenger - Field and Garden

26: The Strang Steel Perpetual Challenge Cup - Vegetables - Wat Jeffrey

27: The J Moody (Perpetual) Dahlia Trophy - Best Three Dahlias - Patience Anderson

28: The Midgehope Perpetual Challenge Cup - Flowers - Patience Anderson

29: Gorden Arms Hotel Cup - Best Presented Trade Stand - Abbey Bridge Stove Centre

30: Thomas Sherriff Trophy - Vintage Tractor - Ian Rout - Walking Sticks

31: John Fair Shield - Best Cleek - James Cuttle

32: The Bruce Glendinning Challenge Cup - Best Stick - Barry Frizzell

33: Elliot Sheriff Trophy - Best Novice Stick in Show - Barry Frizzell

34: Robert Scott Memorial Trophy - Reserve Best Stick in Show - Ian Patterson

Preserves, Baking and  Industrial

35: Usher Bowl - Overall (Preserves, Baking and  Industrial) - Sheena Galloway and Jane Terfer

36: The Shirra Cup - Preserves - Jane Telfer

37: Home Baking Challenge Cup  - Baking - Lesley White

38: Peggy Moody Memorial Trophy - Best Exhibit in Baking Classes - Lesley Fairbairn

39: Margaret Gray Trophy - Industrial - Sandra Ballantyne

40: The Heatherlie Cup Best Exhibit in Classes 66-68 - Floral Art - Barbara Gibbs

41: Broadmeadows Quaich - Best Exhibit in Juvenile Section - Belle Hume

Horse Sections

42: The Lynn Challenge Cup - Pony Champion - Annabel Gregan

43: The Whithope Cup - Over 13.2hh not over 14.2hh Pony - Sophie Smith

44: The Troubadour Trophy - Over 12.2hh not over 13.2hh Pony - Jessica McLaren

46: The Jennifer Dalgetty Challenge Cup - Best Girl Rider in the 13.2 pony class - Jessica McLaren

45: The Solar Dew Trophy - Best 12.2 under - Freya Harrison

47: Douglas Cup - Best Lead Rein - Annabel Gregan

48: The Dryden Trophy - For Small Hunter presented by Mrs Jean McAulay- Small Hunter - Lucy Brown - Mia

49: The Thomson Trophy For Best Hunter presented by Mrs J E Thomson - Best Hunter over 15.2hh- John Wilson - Silver Dream Spirit

50: The McCowan Trophy For Hunter Championship Ridden presented by Mrs McCowan - Best Ridden Hunter  John Wilson - Silver Dream Spirit

51: The Wathen Trophy For Best Hunter In Hand presented by David Wathen - In Hand Champion - Andrew Redpath - Elusive Imp

53: Bank of Scotland Working Hunter Trophy - Open Working Hunter - Vicki Hankinson - Arthur Pendragon

54: The Yarrow Show Cup - Champion Working Hunter - Lucy Brown - Mia

55: Westerkirk Saddlery Trophy for Welsh Sec C or D - In hand Mountain and Moorland - Erinn Reid - Trehenlli Gwenllian

56: The Huntfield Trophy - In Hand Champion Mountain and Moorland - Robyn McGee - Walstead Page Boy

57: Gay Spreach Trophy - Ridden Champion Mountain and Moorland - Robyn McGee - Walstead Page Boy

58: Coloured Horse - Best Overall Coloured Horse - Clive Storey - Masquerade

59a: McDonald Trophy - Cob Champion - Helen Hermiston - Mr Bling

The President's Cup - Overall Horse Champion - Lucy Brown - Mia

60: Silver Dollar Trophy - Best Jumping Pony 12.2 and under - Connie Turnbull

61: Galaxy Perpetual Trophy - Highest placed local entry (Confined) - Emm Lawson

62: The Luckenbooth Trophy for Best Jumping Pony 13.2 or under - Niamh Lightly

64: The MacGown Cup - Best Show Jumping Pony 14.2hh - Becky Forster

65: The Cranston Trophy - Open Show Jumping - Becky Forster