A GALASHIELS mum has completed a superhero-themed charity walk to thank those who helped her family through the first few months of her son's life.

On March 11, at only 19 weeks pregnant, Rachael Scott's waters broke and she was told to prepare for delivery in the 48 hours after. The labour did not happen and slowly her waters replenished enough to continue the pregnancy.

But a month later, Rachael was rushed up to the Royal Infirmary after losing a lot of blood, and on April 14, Kai was born at 24 weeks by a C section.

After six weeks living off a ventilator, he came off with the help of steroids after several failed attempts.

Through Kai's journey he has had three periods of suspected sepsis covered with antibiotics, 11 blood transfusions and was re-ventilated for surgical eye laser treatment and inguinal hernia repair.

The youngster was later moved down from the Royal Infirmary Simpsons care unit on July 18 to the baby unit at Borders General Hospital where they prepared for him to come back home.

On August 4, after 112 days in hospital, three days after his due date, Kai came home to his family.

And following the events of the past few months, Kai's family decided to give something back for the support they received during their difficult time.

Rachael told the Border Telegraph: "On Sunday (September 9), we held a Superhero themed walk for BLISS (For babies born premature or sick) with family and friends. We walked the final part of Kai's journey home, from the Borders General Hospital to our home in Galashiels. A journey we will never forget bringing our baby boy home.

"We have over £1,000 for Bliss from online and cash donations, and we are over the moon.

"We're overwhelmed with everyone's generosity and donations, the support we have been given is out of this world.

"Thank you to the Simpsons Neonatal Unit at the Royal Infirmary and SCBU at the BGH for giving Kai the best possible chance at life and growing and caring for him, we will never forget the wonderful people who cared for our Kai.

"We feel blessed to have our son home and felt that giving something back gave us closure on Kai's terrifying but amazing journey.

"Thank you so much to everyone."

To make a donation, visit: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/rachael-powell4