LATER this month St Boswells Live will be hosting a sublime event co-headlined between Aussie and resident Borderer Jenny Biddle, and USA west coast performer John Craigie.

Both of them are consummate songwriters and musicians, telling tales ranging from the heartbreaking to the outright hilarious, each in their own very different styles.

If Tracy Chapman married Joni Mitchell but then had a saucy love affair with Ani Difranco, you’d get Jenny Biddle.

With six albums under her belt and an iTunes chart-topping single, indie folk/blues songsmith, Jenny wraps herself around her guitar, and like a marriage between body and instrument, she commands her instrument to talk “with uncommon skill and absolute self-assurance” (Syke, 2013).

Her audience is compelled to join her on a voyage of passion and story in song.

Acoustic guitar-maker, proficient pianist, recovering chocoholic, and harmonica squawker, our Aussie singer is now based in sunny Scotland, touring internationally, and practising the art of making a woodstove fire with wet wood.

For this evening Jenny will be recording a live album which the audience will be a part of, something truly not to be missed.

Jenny explained why she relocated to the Scottish Borders: I" moved over for love - the love of weather - actually I met my wife four years ago while busking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and moved to be here with her.

"We got married on the Eildons last year!

"My mother originated from Scotland as a ten-pound Pom - it’s interesting to come back to her roots."

Recording a live album at her local village hall is something Jenny is excited about.

She explained: "It’s time for a new album.

"I was impressed with Keith Farnish’s recordings from past gigs, and I like the idea of stripping my songs back and capturing the playfulness and spontaneity of a live show.

"St Boswells Live will make for a terrific audience to singalong with and they’ll become backing singers for the album!

"I love engaging the audience and feed off it, even a bit of light heckling from them mixes things up.

"Once I had a lady crawl on the floor and bite me on the leg while performing in Melbourne – those kinds of audience members are less preferable. I can’t wait to capture the show live this month. Who knows what will happen."

Renowned for his eloquent Americana style, engaging live shows, and off-the-cuff clever observations, co-headliner John Craigie carries on the legacy of classic singer-songwriters, while blazing a trail of his own.

Recently, that trail twisted and turned into new territory for the Portland, Oregon performer who The Stranger appropriately dubbed, “the lovechild of John Prine and Mitch Hedberg”.

His music speaks loud to both audiences and fellow artists. Todd Snider notably hand-delivered a gift on-stage, and Chuck Norris has sent fan mail.

His fifth full-length album, No Rain, No Rose boasted two collaborations with Gregory Alan Isakov, namely Highway Blood and I Am California.

As No Rain, No Rose landed, he caught the attention of none other than Jack Johnson.

Through a serendipitous series of events, Craigie’s 2016 live effort Capricorn in Retrograde landed in Johnson’s car stereo during a California coastal road trip.

Shortly after, Jack reached out and Craigie soon found himself onstage for 12 shows during Johnson’s 2017 summer tour, and again in the summer of 2018.

Doors open at St Boswells Village Hall on Saturday, September 29 at 7.30pm.

Tickets are available in advance priced just £12 (£8 unwaged / student) from St Boswells Old Post Office or online from