A BORDERS geological landmark has received an upgrade to its signage thanks to a newly formed partnership.

Oil and gas operator Siccar Point Energy has joined forces with Edinburgh Geological Society to improve the visitor experience at its namesake landmark.

The company has provided funding for new information boards at the site in addition to 20,000 leaflets highlighting the unique and important features of Siccar Point.

Located on the Berwickshire coastline, the landform is a Scottish Site of Special Scientific Interest due to its significance in the work of famed natural scientist James Hutton.

In 1788, Hutton observed the angular unconformity at the site which provided the evidence needed for his Theory of the Earth – the never-ending cycles of creation and destruction that shape the landscape today.

This theory overturned the last vestiges of the Biblical account of a world shaped by the receding waters of a universal flood.

Controversial in its day, Hutton’s work is a foundation stone in the science of geology and Siccar Point known as a globally significant geoheritage site.

Doug Fleming, Chief Financial Officer of Siccar Point Energy said: “As an oil and gas company geology is at the heart of what we do.

“Hutton is an inspiring example of a scientist who followed the evidence and defied the conventional wisdom of the day.

“It’s a great example for a young company and a fascinating piece of Scottish history to preserve and to continue learning from.”

The company is also exploring further opportunities to enhance the site with the Edinburgh Geological Society.

The society is currently working with heritage organisations and universities on plans to mark the 300th anniversary of James Hutton’s birth in 2026, and to celebrate Hutton’s legacy in subjects including agriculture, meteorology and geology.

Bob Gatliff of Edinburgh Geological Society said: “The support from Siccar Point Energy will make a tremendous difference to our plans to preserve and promote the area.

“Our long-term ambition is to do more to support the education and tourism potential at Siccar Point and this is a great first step in that direction.”