TWENTY-two first-time mums and their tots have graduated the Family Nurse Partnership Programme in Langlee.

The first group of young mothers to complete the programme, which aims to support young mums in the first few years of their child’s life, were recognised at a ceremony at Langlee Community Centre.

The scheme helps new mums under the age of 19 by offering a voluntary home visiting programme with regular specialist family nurse support from the early days of pregnancy until their child is two years old.

It encourages new mums to make healthy decisions throughout pregnancies, help them improve their child’s health and development as well as plan their own futures and achieve their aspirations.

On hand to recognise the achievements of the mothers was Acting Director of Nursing, Midwifery and Acute Services at NHS Borders, Nicky Berry, who presented certificates and gifts to the mums and children who were in attendance.

Speaking about the event Nicky said: “It was heart-warming to see our clients brimming with pride for their children and self-confidence in their own abilities.

“We were also privileged to witness the remarkable loving relationships that our clients have nurtured with their children.

“Our FNP toddlers showed much exuberance and joy, participating in activities at the event such as the Bookbug area for storytelling, singing nursery rhythms and playing parachutes games.

“We wish our first graduates much success for their future and look forward to engaging with more young mums and their babies, as this service continues.

“ We will begin to host celebratory graduation events twice a year, now that the service has achieved sustainability within NHS Borders.”

The programme, which has helped 89 clients to date, has run since 2015 at NHS Borders, in partnership with NHS Lothian.

Graduating FNP client, Sophie Grieve, commented: “I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the help of [Family Nurse] Sharon and the rest of the Family Nurse Partnership.

“They have helped my son and I more than they will ever know.”