HIS architecture, heritage and civic legacy can be seen at almost every turn in Galashiels.

But in the run up to the centenary of Armistice, the poetry of George Hope Tait will once again come to the fore.

Whether it is the Braw, Braw Lads chimes on the town clock, the design of the War Memorial or the commemorative busts of Scott and Burns, the Mercat Cross tablet and the Scott tablet in Langlee, Hope Tait's influence on his adopted hometown was great.

He was even responsible for redesigning Gala's town crest (with the foxes looking inwards).

The industrious town councillor was listed in Who's Who of the 1920s, 30s and 40s for his contribution to art, architecture, journalism, authorship and promotion of Borders traditions.

Born in 1861 and educated in Innerleithen, where he also played a major part in the revival of the Cleikum Ceremonies, he went on to study at Edinburgh Art School.

Hope Tait married Catherine Riach in 1897 and they had five daughters.

His appreciation of literature was evident from the many historic roadside tablets he erected in the Scottish Borders to literary men.

But his own writing was well-received both locally and nationally.

Hope Tait even features in the second volume of Principal Poets of the World, which was published in 1938.

And his Poems of the Borderland, published in 1941, was an instant bestseller of its day.

But for many it was Hope Tait's lines to honour and commemorate the First World War, both in poem and song, which continued to resonate after his death in 1943 .

His poetry, which today acts like a commentary of the sacrifices and bravery shown during the four years of conflict, was published almost weekly in newspapers and periodicals locally, nationally and internationally during and after the war years.

As Galashiels, like communities up and down the country, prepares to commemorate the 100th anniversary of war ending on November 11, 1918, Hope Tait's poems will once again be read and reread.

Pupils from Galashiels Academy will also recite the lines of Hope Tait as part of the Gala Remembers programme of events.

Gallipoli - 12th July

Dawns the day of Border sorrow,

Hallowed shades of heroes rise -

They who have fought for Britain's glory

Crowned it with their sacrifice.

Shall it be with tears we ponder,

Or with racial pride recall

How they charged and fell out yonder

In the blood-red battle thrall.

Ask not how they died! no wonder

Which the trench or where the clod-

Down the four winds 'mid the thunder

Went our warriors home to God.

War-torn crests of Achi-Baba

Sentinel their nameless grave;

Every Border heart's an abbey

Consecrated to our brave.

Tweed goes smiling down the valley.

Eildon peaks are flaming red -

They who slumber in Valhalla

Are to-day our glorious dead!

Christmas, 1918

Star of Hope and Triumph glorious

Hail the Warriors from the fray;

Herald of a Peace Victorious

Shrine the Conqueror's Christmas Day.

Welcome home ye sons of Freedom,

Heroes of the Fire and Flood;

Scarred as He who came from Edom,

Bearing banners pledged with Blood.

Happy hosts, your warfare over,

Throat your peans round the earth;

He who reared the cliffs of Dover

Builds the Empire on the hearth.

Lay, ye mighty Vexilators,

On the altar Glory's shroud;

Ring the Angelus, tell your paters

For the Victors in the cloud.

Spirits round the happy portal

Greet the conquest down the vast;

They who made the Flag immortal

Died to keep it at the mast,

Martyred warriors from the glory,

God's transfigured Sentinels,

Bending earthward, tell the story

Of the crowned "Contemptibles."

Ransomed souls, with heads uprising,

Purged through Calvarys of war,

March along the brightest horizon

With their swords Excalibur.

Through the gates of Freedom sweeping

Comes the deathless army now.

With a joy that's blent with weeping,

But with Victory on their brow.

Unto God, who gave the ocean

For Britannia's sure defence,

Let our hearts with new devotion

Utter His Omnipotence;

That as Couriers in His service,

That as Conquerors by His grace,

Earthly foes shall ne'er unnerve us

While we own His Righteousness.

Hail the Star eternal flaming,

Hail the ensign Cross unfurl's:

Hark, the angel's song proclaiming

God's Reveille round the World.

Star of Love and Triumph glorious

Shine athwart the Warrior's way:

Herald of a Peace victorious

Crown the Conqueror's Christmas Day.