A 25-year-old Hawick man led police on a blue-light chase through the town because he had no insurance for the car he was driving, Selkirk Sheriff Court has been told.

Jori Silver drove at excessive speed through various streets, overtaking a vehicle and going over speed bumps with a patrol car in pursuit.

He managed to lose the officers who were in pursuit. Silver pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving and no insurance in Hawick on May 30.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick admitted his client's driving was "crazy" and had been caused because Silver realised he was driving with no insurance.

He explained that the vehicle had been parked in his mother's roadway and he was told to remove it.

Sheriff Peter Paterson said the driving was undoubtedly dangerous and a period of disqualification "inevitable".

He noted Silver – of Princes Street, Hawick – had no previous convictions for motoring offences but said the fact he was trying to evade the police made matters worse.

An interim driving ban has been imposed and sentence deferred until November 5 to allow a Criminal Justice Social Work Report to be compiled.