A CORNISH theatre company is treading the boards of Fountainhall Village Hall this month with its new show, Twisted Tales.

Billed as a darkly comic evening, the ‘Owdyado Theatre Company will be performing three short plays, brought together into one show.

Described as “gripping” and “hilariously twisted” the tales are inspired by the cult classics Twilight Zone and the BBC TV series Inside Number Nine.

The performance brings together a group of Cornish writers and directors including Brett Harvey, Jon Welch, and company founders Charlotte Bister and Dan Richards.

The show will present three curious and intriguing stories: Why have three strangers been summoned to play a deadly locked-room mystery? Who is the bandaged man, obsessively in love and held captive inside an upmarket flat? How will two childrens' TV presenters and a criminal-mastermind glove puppet dispose of a corpse before time runs out?

Twisted Tales promises an anarchic night of contorted, riotous tales where the audience will be invited to consider 'how far would you go to get what you want?'

Charlotte and Dan, who wrote ‘Vindicta Games’, the first short play of the evening, said: “Both of us like the strangers-trapped-in-a-room story format. And we’re not the only ones.

“We love that there is an element where the audience have to work out why all the characters have been invited and what their connections are. The locked-room mystery game seemed a perfect setting.”

As a film-maker, Brett Harvey normally writes scripts for the screen, when asked what it was like to write in an entirely different medium, he said: “It was a genuine pleasure. Dan, Char and I have a very similar sense of humour so it was fun cooking up something for them.

“They immediately got the tone of it and every step of its development has been a madcap, joyous, bizarre journey.”

Twisted Tales is ‘Owdyado Theatre’s fifth show and is coming to Fountainhall Village Hall on Thursday, October 25.

For booking details visit: www.owdyado.co.uk