AN Earlston-based designer has found the perfect fit for her business with a newly launched lingerie collection.

The first collection by Borders underwear company Miss Vivienne was released last week with founder Vivienne Lynch promising the brand will “make women feel empowered no matter their shape, size, ethnicity or day to day situation”.

Vivienne, 22, first came to the Borders from Glasgow to study fashion at Heriot-Watt University.

After graduating in 2017 she focused on building her lingerie business Miss Vivienne.

The business was set up in her final year of university as part of her course requiring students to learn about branding and building a website.

Vivienne said: “Miss Vivienne was something I created in my last year of university. After I graduated had some left-over fabric and so I would make bits and pieces for people but I knew I wanted to create a full collection.”

When she decided to build her business she contacted the Prince’s Trust who offered her a mentor to help her navigate her way through the world of business. She also began attending Business Gateway workshops on subjects such as bookkeeping and marketing and got further mentoring through the organisation.

Vivienne’s business was boosted with a grant from the Prince’s Trust of £250 along with further funding from Business Gateway, in partnership with the Scottish Border’s Council.

The brands first collection launched last week and is available through the company’s website. It includes lingerie suitable for women who have undergone a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery as well as for new mothers who are breastfeeding.

Vivienne explained that the idea to produce these garments came from people she connected with online as part of her search for models. She didn’t want to use professional models from an agency, preferring to use women with different body types, so posted online to see if anyone would be interested in modelling for her.

One of the women who got in touch had undergone a mastectomy and explained about the difficulties she had in finding nice lingerie.

Vivienne said, “She explained to me that it was hard to find nice lingerie that makes you feel good that has the necessary requirements - no wire and a bit of padding and so on.

“So, I decided to develop my designs in line with that. I also heard from breastfeeding women who also said they found it difficult to buy nice maternity bras so that is why I designed the collection’s nursing bralette.”

“It has been really important for me to create a brand which is inclusive of all women and celebratory of our differences.”

“Going forward I’m hoping to run some pop-up shops in the Scottish Borders as well as Edinburgh and Glasgow. I hope to do another collection next year as well as produce bridal lingerie.”

“So far my business journey has been great. Most people have been appreciative that real women are being represented. The togetherness has been inspiring. It’s been an all-round positive experience.”