PARTYING louts have struck again – desecrating a scenic community woodland in Peebles.

The Venlaw countryside has played host to its share of social gatherings over the years, with the Peeblesshire News reporting on the destruction left behind, including discarded cans, litter and broken bottles.

More recently, an abandoned gazebo was discovered, as well as scorched furniture and numerous fire pits.

Claims have been made that teenagers are deliberately trying to make a mess and locals are being forced to clean it up.

One local dog-walker, who asked to remain anonymous, told us: “I walk up there every day and there is always quite a lot of rubbish. It’s mostly broken glass that bothers me. Why would anyone break bottles? At least if they’d leave them in one piece it would be easier to clean up.

“Recently there has been a bit more activity, for example a gazebo which was found on the hill which is surprising since the weather is not that great for outdoor parties anymore. The number of bottles at the top of the hill is ridiculous.”

She continued: “I contacted the council and filled in the form for environmental issues. I told them there was lots of rubbish and locals try to clean it up, but it’s too much and not really our job.

“I also suggested maybe some collaboration could take place with the police as it’s clear it is a regular occurrence. Cleaning it up every time is not a long term solution.”

Calls are now being made to ban revellers from the popular beauty spot.

“I understand young people wanting to hang out and have a drink, but if they can’t clear up their mess I think it’s time they are prevented from being allowed to do it at Venlaw. It’s ruining a beautiful bit of nature which should be enjoyed by people and animals safely."

Scottish Borders Council confirmed a staff member would be sent to Venlaw to clear away any litter from land it owns.