GARAGES in Galashiels have been granted a stay of execution – after a planning application to build affordable homes was pulled.

In October, the Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA) submitted proposals to demolish units in Mossilee Road and replace them with five properties.

But the bid was met with an angry reaction by locals, who raised concerns about potential parking problems and road safety.

And a total of 109 objection notices has sent the region's largest social landlord "back to the drawing board".

At last week's meeting of Galashiels Community Council, Henry Coyle, SBHA's director of assets and property services, said: "We have had considerable feedback on the Mossilee plans and we have decided to withdraw the application.

"We want to do the best thing for the area and that means going back to the drawing board.

"Mossilee was picked as a location because we own the land, so it is a lot cheaper to redevelop. We know we have housing need in the central Borders – particularly in Gala. It's a very popular place to live."

Fourteen residents who live near the garages also attended Wednesday's meeting.

One asked if a revised planning application would be submitted in the future.

Mr Coyle replied: "That is our intention. We have looked at all of the comments and we will be working to come up with plans for the future.

"We do listen to tenants. We want to create great places to live."

Some members of the public also said they were concerned with the consultation process.

Another resident asked: "The garage owners were informed about the plans, but the wider community wasn't.

"You have now had to pull the application. Wouldn't you have saved time and money by visiting us at the beginning?"

Mr Coyle said: "We wrote to the owners of the garages outlining the plans and the public consultation kicks off when the planning application goes in.

"People then have the chance to submit their comments and views. We will take those views on board.

"While we are talking about having an extreme housing need in the Borders, we don't want to disregard our existing tenants."