JUST hours after the Teviot and nearby Slitrig Water went within inches of bursting their banks yet again, councillors approved a Hawick Flood Protection Scheme report in private.

The members were told that the scheme will require a six months extension due to its complexity and scale.

But the report further highlighted a number of positive developments which will deliver protection from a 1 in 75 flood event to over 900 residential and commercial properties at risk along the River Teviot and Slitrig Water.

The project will initially involve advanced works which includes public utility diversions and vegetation clearance, before work on the defences begin.

Once completed the scheme will also the creation of a 7km new cycleway and footway linking Wilton Lodge Park and Weensland.

And there will also be a new civic space in Mansfield Road as well as a new pumping station at Mansfield Road waste water treatment works.

An update on the overall scheme will be provided at the next community workshop, which takes place this week on Thursday in the Town Hall, from 7pm to 9pm.

All businesses and residents are invited.