A GALASHIELS youngster has become an internet sensation after becoming overwhelmed on his birthday morning.

Finlay Sutherland's tears of joy have been watched more than 7.5 million times.

And the three-year-old has been inundated with birthday wishes from around the world after the viral video of him receiving his presents swept the internet.

The clip of Finlay, from Melrose Gait, has been shared by tens of thousands of people since it was uploaded by his family last week.

The footage was captured by mum Lauren Strafford who can be heard interacting with Finlay throughout the short clip.

In the video, Finlay is seen coming into the living room to find a pile of birthday presents waiting for him.

His first reaction is 'wow' before adding that he 'can’t believe it'.

In disbelief Finlay sheds a tear of happiness, which he apologises for, before asking his mother why there are so many gifts and then if he can open them.

The clip was put online by Finlay’s family and quickly began to amass views on Twitter, which were further boosted when former Geordie Shore star Charlotte Cosby shared the clip with her 3.12 million followers commenting 'OMG my heart'.

Finlay’s dad Des Sutherland told the Border Telegraph: “It’s gone crazy – we really didn’t expect it.

"The video was picked up on Twitter at first and then it began to be shared by other places such as the Daily Mail, LADBible and UNILAD.”

Viewers have commented on the clip in their thousands with many praising Finlay’s manners in the clip and describing him as a 'a little gentleman' and 'a sweet-natured little boy' and expressing their admiration at the gratitude he shows.

One Twitter user commented 'So lovely to see that this little boy appreciates all his lovely presents. Wish more kids were this way', and another adding, 'My heart’s melting bless him, lovely to see how happy and how much he appreciates the gifts'.

Dad Des added: “The video has had so many comments I’ve only managed to read some of them but it’s nice that viewers appreciate his reaction.

"He is a wee gentleman alright – he’s a really polite boy.

"He was delighted with his presents when he opened them.

"He got a spiderman figure which he was jumping about with. He was really delighted with all his presents and he took his time opening everything, which for a three year old is quite surprising.

"He had a great birthday.”