FRESH from touring with Ed Sheeran, one of the hottest new acts in Scottish music is heading to Darnick later this month.

Tommy Ashby in Innerleithen grew up surrounded by music and played guitar in his Dad's blues band at clubs around the country.

And today when he has some time off from a busy schedule of performing and recording, he enjoys nothing more than returning to his folk club roots.

On Friday, December 28, Tommy will be the headline act at the Rolling Hills Folk Club.

Tommy's father, Seoras Ashby’s, is a well-known musician.

And throughout his teens Tommy learned from his family's record collections.

American roots, blues and country, Scottish traditional and contemporary music have all influenced his musical development.

Tommy spent his early 20s at university, studying and modelling the human perception of sound which secured a much-deserved doctorate.

His music now reflects his wide knowledge and musical experiences.

As well as touring with Ed Sheeran earlier this year, Tommy has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Sam Okell for his single Guilty, which has charted on both sides of the Atlantic.

Recent solo shows for Communion, LGM, Never Fade and support slots for Nina Nesbitt and Tom Speight, have established his name as a hugely accomplished musician, increasingly sought after for an array of gigs.

Tommy's music is charting in Canada and the USA and has recently featured in various UK TV dramas, including Grey's Anatomy.

And he also recently enjoyed a headline show at the Servant Jazz Quarters in London.

Ros Anderson from the Rolling Hills Folk Club said: "Tommy will deliver a great night of entertainment for our lucky concert audience in Darnick and tickets can be purchased in advance, to avoid disappointment, on 07986 644661."

Tickets are priced at £10.