A COMMEMORATIVE bench to Selkirk singer-songwriter Scott Hutchison was unveiled at the weekend in Glasgow.

And a second bench, to be placed in the grounds of the Haining estate, is in the process of being built.

The 36-year-old founder and frontman of Frightened Rabbit took his own life in May after years of battling depression.

Scott's honest songwriting and passionate performing won him huge respect from fellow musicians.

As well as producing five well-received albums and selling out venues on both sides of the Atlantic, Frightened Rabbit were hugely popular festival favourites.

Following Scott's death fans from around the world came together to support plans for a memorial bench.

An online fundraiser accrued more than double the intended target.

And a second bench to be placed in Scott's hometown was commissioned.

On Saturday the first bench was officially unveiled at a picturesque site near to the Charles Wilson Gates in Kelvingrove Park.

During his dedication speech Ade Cartwright, who spearheaded the fundraising campaign, said: "The Frabbits community was always filled with love but through social media, meet ups, stickers, events and even old-school letter writing it’s grown into something even more beautiful.

"People have been able to share life’s ups and downs, experiences, inspire each other and forged real friendships that will last forever.

"We know that Scott’s bench will be an extension of that love and care.

"It’s for relaxing, remembering, smiling, celebrating, singing, meeting up or possibly just sitting down, whatever it means to you.

"It’s so much, much more than a physical bench."

A date for the second bench being placed in the Haining has yet to be confirmed.