WELFARE officers and police raided a makeshift dog breeding farm in Galashiels this week following concerns from neighbours.

But they haven't been able to close down the operation.

Anti-cruelty officers from the Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals (SSPCA) along with police descended on Kilnknowe Caravan Park on Monday.

And they say that their investigations are ongoing to see if any crimes are being committed by housing the animals in old caravans and cramped chicken coops

A spokeswoman for the charity told us: "We can confirm we have received reports relating to a caravan park in Galashiels.

"Our investigations are currently ongoing."

This week's raid followed weeks of calls being made by concerned locals.

Kerry Mitchell, who lives nearby, posted photographs of the makeshift breeding farm online this week.

And her posts received hundreds of messages of condemnation for the canine operation.

Kerry told us: "There were around 20 dogs being kept in one of these horrible damp old caravans - there's no blankets for them and there's water and it's freezing cold.

"There were three dogs being kept in a tiny chicken coop.

"There were more caravans and probably more dogs but they threw me out before I could look any further.

"The people doing this is are smart and know how to get round the law - it's disgusting and it's happening on our doorstep."

Police Scotland confirmed they had visited the site this week along with the SSPCA.

But no further action has been taken.

The Scottish SPCA is warning any potential puppy buyers to make sure they know where the dog has come from.

The spokeswoman added: "Puppy farmers are highly active at Christmas, and thrive on impulse purchases.

"We work very hard at this time of year to educate the public that getting a pet is a lifelong commitment and research is required to ensure you get a healthy puppy from an assured breeder.

"Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience, bringing years of companionship and love, but it is also a huge responsibility and it’s a decision that should never be made on a whim or just for Christmas.”