A drug dealer who was reported to the police by his own mother has been jailed for eight months at Selkirk Sheriff Court.

Twenty six year old Gary Crossett from Hawick pleaded guilty to being in possession 794 diazepam tablets with intent to supply and also having £75 worth of heroin.

The offence happened at his mother's home in Hillend Drive on November 24.

The court was told that Crossett was staying at the family home on the proviso that he stayed off drugs.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser said: "The position here is that the accused is in a relationship with a lady. "She saw him in possession of a wooden box on the morning of November 24.

"She took the box from him and found it to be full of controlled drugs.

"She showed this to the accused's mother and there was an argument.

"Mrs Crossett then went to Hawick Police Station to say he was in possession of drugs.

"She explained that the accused had been staying at her home in an attempt to get him clean from drugs.

"The accused accepted they belonged to him."

The diazepam tablets had a value of around £400.

Defence lawyer Ed Hulme said his client's drug addiction had been spiralling out of control.

He added that to pay for his heroin use, he had been supplying the class c substance.

Sheriff Derrick McIntyre told Crossett he had received umpteen chances and that he was now being sent to prison.

The sentence was reduced from 12 months to eight months to reflect the guilty plea and the time Crossett had spent in custody in connection with the matter.