A MOTORIST from England has fallen foul of Scotland's tough drink driving laws.

Carl Walker gave a breath/alcohol reading of 31 microgrammes when he was stopped by police in Northgate, Peebles.

The 26-year-old landscaper would not have been over the limit if he had been in his own country as the level there is 35 microgrammes.

But as Scotland's limit has been reduced to 22 microgrammes, Walker of Greenhead, Cumbria, pleaded guilty at Selkirk Sheriff Court to a drink driving offence on November 16.

Sheriff Derrick McIntyre said: "Unfortunately for you the drink driving limit is less than it is in England.

"You would not have been guilty if you were in Cumbria."

Walker was banned from driving for the minimum 12 months and fined £400.

In addition, he was put forward as suitable for the Drink Drivers Rehabilitation Scheme and if he completes the course at his own expense the period of disqualification will be reduced by 25 per cent.