RACISM, sectarianism and misogyny will all be on the menu this month when the Scottish Government's law makers arrive in the Borders.

As part of a nation-wide consultation to shape new hate crime legislation, officials will hold an event at the Scottish Public Pensions Agency offices in Tweedbank.

The consultation calls for views on a number of issues including how best to tackle gender based prejudice and misogyny.

The issue of sectarianism will also be considered as well as other hate crime issues.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice Humza Yousaf said: "Hate crime and prejudice are completely unacceptable and we are absolutely committed to tackling them.

“The public’s voice is absolutely crucial in this process and we are determined to take this opportunity to shape our legislation so that it is fit for 21st century Scotland.

“We know that legislation in itself is not enough to build the inclusive Scotland we want and aspire to, but having robust law in place is vital so that it is clear to all that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in society.”

The public responses will inform the development of a hate crime bill which will be laid before Parliament later in this year.

Cabinet Secretary for Communities Aileen Campbell added: "Hate crime and prejudice have a hugely damaging effect on victims, their families and communities and there is absolutely no place for it in Scotland.

“Scotland’s diversity is our strength and I’m proud that our nation is becoming an increasingly open and inclusive place to live. However, we also recognise that intolerance and prejudice remain and that more needs to be done."

The Tweedbank awareness workshop runs from 10am to 1pm on Thursday, January 24.

Bookings can be made for attending through the Eventbrite website.