WRITERS and musicians from across the Borders are being encouraged to put pen to paper for mental health this spring in memory of Scott Hutchison.

The 36-year-old lead singer of Frightened Rabbit took his own life last May after battling with depression for many years.

Scott's ability to express his own mental health issues in song and during interviews has helped countless others discuss their own anxieties and issues.

And even after his death the Selkirk singer is regarded as a guiding light for many.

Sound Cycle, the Borders Youth Music Forum, is planning to pay its respects to Scott during this May's Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival.

An appeal has already been issued for lyricists to participate in the project which will result in a song being curated from the contributions by voice coach Clare Watson.

And it will be performed by choirs, groups, schools and even individuals all across the Scottish Borders.

James McIntosh from Sound Cycle said: "For the festival, we would like to create a beautiful tribute to Scott Hutchison in recognition of his suffering with mental health issues and the legacy he left of hope and kindness – and of the importance of connecting with those around you.

"On Friday, May 17 we are hoping to create a Song Wave throughout the Scottish Borders - and beyond - that connects our local communities, young and old, by singing a new song that we work together to produce and perform."

The starting point for potential lyricists is to pen lines in response to the Frightened Rabbit song The Loneliness and the Scream, which described Scott's own depression and inability to find lasting help.

James added: "We are hoping the new song, curated and arranged by Clare will be performed all over the Borders with organised and pop-up performances posted on social media using #SongWave and also included on the next Sound Cycle album."

Any donations which are made at performances of the tribute song will be given to the Scott Hutchison Fund.

If you would like to contribute, send lyrics, phone recordings or videos to James at james@youthborders.org.uk