'A PRANK that has gone wrong' was how £1800 worth of damage three teenagers caused to a parked car in Eyemouth.

Eyemouth pair Faizan Sindhoo and Chloe Baxter, both 18, and 19-year-old Jack Mcleod from Northumbria, pleaded guilty to damaging a vehicle parked in the Co-op car park in Eyemouth on September 13.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told the car owner was on a cycling holiday and had parked his car with two bikes secured on the top.

Tessa Bradley, prosecuting, said the now three accused, and another person, came out of the Tavern public house around 11pm after consuming alcohol and climbed on to the vehicle roof and sat on the bikes.

However one of them fell off breaking the windscreen and all four ran off.

The vehicle owner was traced by the police and the damaged windscreen and aerial analysed.

Ms Bradley continued: "The incident was the source of conversation in the town and in particular on social media.

"The accused voluntarily attended at Eyemouth Police Station and owned up to the damage."

The fiscal said the damage came to £1,782.94 and the vehicle owner had to pay the first £350 as part of the insurance excess.

She added that all three were 'extremely remorseful' for their actions saying 'It is best described as a prank that has gone wrong'.

Defence lawyer Mat Patrick said all three had shown an 'appropriate degree of remorse' and had never been in trouble before.

Sheriff Peter Paterson deferred sentence until April 16 to allow all three to save up the total of £500 to pay compensation to the vehicle owner for the excess he paid and also the inconvenience.

Fishermen Sindhoo and McLeod were told to save £200 each and part time bar tender Baxter £100.

He added that if this was done he would consider granting an absolute discharge when the case calls back in court.