LOCAL social landlord Eildon Housing are setting a recycling example by donating old PCs and office furniture to a Men's Shed group.

The Selkirk-based housing association handed over four computers as well as cupboards to Kelso Men's Shed last week.

Eildon's Chief Executive Nile Istephan told us: "As part of the on-going modernisation of our business processes, we had some surplus furniture and computers that we wanted to put to good use.

"In line with one of our corporate values of being 'connected' to the communities that we work within, it is great that we can donate our surplus equipment to such a worthy cause.”

“The Men’s Shed movement provides the community with a very valuable service, by offering recreational facilities to help advance the social needs, health and well-being of people of all ages and backgrounds living in Kelso and surrounding areas.

"Along with a number of other organisations we have also provided financial support for a Men’s Shed Development worker to maximise the potential for this inspirational idea across our region.”

Kelso Men's Shed already has over 60 members.

The organisation meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10am and 4pm.

Bob Stather from Kelso Men’s Shed added: “We are extremely grateful for this very kind donation which will be of enormous benefit to our new Shedders.

"Getting on-line will be a priority for some of our new members, and this will be made possible thanks to Eildon’s generous donation.”