OFFICERS investigating reports of a bogus policeman in Galashiels have confirmed the man is a real cop.

Earlier this week a post was shared on social media after a woman was pulled over in the town.

It warned that a man impersonating an officer was stopping cars and "asking dodgy questions".

But in a statement today, Police Scotland have reassured the public that there is nothing to worry about.

Chief inspector Stuart Reid, local area commander for the Borders, said: "You may have seen reports on social media of a man posing as a police officer in Galashiels earlier this week.

"I'm pleased to say that we have established that the man who spoke to a young woman in her car was one of our uniformed officers and we have reassured her of this.

"All of our police officers, whether in uniform or plain clothes, will provide their collar number and show their warrant card if requested, and will be happy for you to call 101 to check with our Service Advisors.

"I wish to assure everyone in the Borders that we do not have any reports of bogus police officers that we are investigating."