IMMEDIATE action is required to prevent a wall collapsing onto a busy road in Selkirk.

Community leaders described the situation at Dunsdale Road as 'worsening by the week'.

As well as the roadside wall cracking and crumbling, large pools of water have become a constant concern.

Community councillor Ian King said: "This has been ongoing for some time and it's getting worse.

"The wall has started to break away and some form action needs to be taken now."

Scottish Borders Council have been carrying out regular inspections of drainage along Dunsdale Road.

And several drains are cleaned out every few months in a bid to clear the pools.

But the problem with lying water hasn't gone away and now regularly stretches for around 50 or 60 metres.

The local authority has been in contact with the owners of the land.

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar said: "We are telling the owners of the wall that they need to do something.

"We are also looking at the drainage again - water is coming through the wall and it has nowhere to go."

Similar crumbling wall problems around half a mile away on Yarrow Terrace led to a stand-off between the local authority and a hotelier over ownership.

And required a partial closure - as well as a temporary one-way system - for almost four years.

To add to the Dunsdale Road woes, a further sewage leak has been reported nearby which is damaging another wall.

Councillor Caroline Penman said: "The water on the road is now affecting the wall at Forest Mill and it is starting to collapse.

"This is something that needs urgent attention."

Selkirk Community Council was told the Forest Mill problems were down to a sewage pipe not being connected properly at a nearby house.

And that local authority officers would enforce repairs.

Councillor Edgar added: "If this is not repaired Scottish Borders Council will go in and doit then bill the property owners."