A BLITZ by Community Action Team officers in Selkirk last week led to 15 parking tickets being issued.

But local councillor Gordon Edgar believes the work of the seven-strong force is just ‘putting a sticky plaster over a bigger problem’.

And he is pushing for a more permanent solution to parking.

Since traffic wardens were withdrawn from Borders towns in 2014, incidents of problem parking have escalated.

And police officers only react to offences on an ad-hoc basis.

Councillor Edgar said: “The Community Action Team doesn’t just deal with parking – they have a lot of other anti-social issues to be getting on with as well.

“While they are working on other issues the traffic management issue is being ignored.”

Selkirk has been badly hit by drivers leaving cars on yellow lines in and around the High Street.

Community policeman Conal McEwan has advised locals to report the parking pests.

He said: “Issues like parking need to be reported so that we know where and when to be.

“Unless it’s reported it won’t be seen as a problem.”